Promoting a Self-Storage Business through Social Media (Part 2)

Today, many facility owners continue to successfully take full advantage of social media. In addition to increasing visibility if your facility, it can also generate a ton of revenue and establish you as a leader in the industry. If you’re reading this concerned that you aren’t as proficient with social media as you are with allocating boxes, don’t worry.  Right now, social media is much more than a buzz word and there is a slew of information available on the topic.  From brooks written on the topic to articles on the web dedicated to its usefulness for businesses, you will find a wealth of resources at your fingertips.    As you learn to maximize the benefits of social media, you will be making a strong investment in the long term future of your facility.


Where to Start?

Chances are, you are probably familiar with social media.  Whether from watching funny videos of a piano playing cat to keeping tabs on your children, odds are you have engaged in social media in one way or another.   What you might not realize is that the same people watching those videos or uploading selfies are also potential customers.  Thus, you need to reach out to them whenever you can.  In terms of your facility, some sites are going to be more useful than others.  As such, you’re going to want to devote the bulk of your social media time attention to the sites that provide the greatest benefit to your business.

Smile…You’re on Camera

Among one of the most popular sites for self-storage owners is YouTube. In addition to putting a face and personality to your facility, you’re increasing its visibility by leaps and bounds.  Technology can go a long way these days which means you certainly don’t need to hire a film crew or break the bank to create useful videos.  In fact, your cell phone will probably do the job just fine.  Today’s smart phones come have cameras with video quality that trumps most professional video equipment used a decade ago.  Your number one priority should be to represent your facility at its absolute best.  Thus, make sure you’re shooting your videos when the natural lighting is good and you have the least amount of noisy distractions like street noise.   Keep your videos short and to the point with a clear message.

Put a Face To It

In many ways, Facebook and Twitter can be put in the same category since they both lend themselves well to offering a ton of marketing opportunities.  To really achieve success with these sites, you need to update them constantly.  Keep in mind though that you want to offer relevant info with each post.   You don’t want to post just to hear yourself speak as that is a sure fire way to lose people’s interest.  Offer information with each post.  For example, provide space saving solutions for your customers by offering storage tips.  Also, be sure to always add pictures whenever possible.  This will continue to increase viability of your facility in addition to attracting potential new customers.

Promote It

Keep in mind that even the most informative posts or well produced videos won’t do anything for you if no one can see it.  Once you have your social media pages up and running, before to promote them everywhere you promote your business.   Include these pages on all of your marketing materials to give people a chance to see them.  The pulse of social media depends on interaction and you have to be seen by people to interact with them.

Remember to start small and don’t overwhelm yourself.  If you stay committed to your social media goals, you will start to see results that provide a positive impact on your business.