Promoting a Self-Storage Business through Social Media (Part 1)

Self Storage is a difficult industry to promote through social media. Let’s face it,  Anyone up for a challenge though, will find that social media sites can be a excellent source of leads and can help put your brand out there. In this three part series, we’ll share our best strategies on how to use social to build an audience and engage with customers.


As a small business owner, you need to be active in social media.  No longer is social media a headquarters for vacation photos and wedding announcements.  Every second of the day, people are engaging in various forms of social media activity and you can’t afford to stay silent. Right now, you can be reaching an entirely new audience of potential customers.  What’s worse, your competition might already be taking them away from you.  Running a self-storage facility is a busy job and you have to run every aspect of your business.  As a result, you don’t have much free time to spare.  In order to effectively take advantage of everything social media has to offer your facility, you need to develop a basic marketing plan.  Doing so will help you set goals aimed to increasing visibility of your facility.  As a result, you can work towards achieving significant growth in your business .At first, you might find yourself utterly confused, intimidated or overwhelmed.  Don’t worry, that’s normal.  Your expertise in the storage melbourne business not the self-promotion business. As such, becoming a wizard with sites like Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube might seem like a terribly daunting task.  Fear not, it’s easy to get started.

Start Small

I know you have spaces to fill and want to dive in head first. However, keep in mind that trying to take on too much at first can not only be overwhelming but can also end up being counter productive.  If you try to take on too many sites at once, you risk not learning the specific functions of each site and how they can benefit your business.  You don’t need to be an expert in social media overnight.  As a result, it’s best to start small by focusing your attention on one site before you begin to tackle others.  This way, you’re learning how to adapt the full potential of the site to your business.   Big picture thinking, it will benefit your marketing initiatives greatly in the end.

Great Dane

Observe Everything

Much like when you started in business, you shadowed experienced professionals to learn the ins and outs of daily activity. Social media isn’t any different.  With social media, sometimes its best to watch the business that have been using the site for a while.  Look at their audience and how they engage them.  Study how they communicate and try to relate that to your audience.

Stay on Task

Time is money and you don’t have much time in the bank. Though you could easily spend a lot of time time each day getting acclimated to social media, that won’t do you much good.  Your best hours are still spent managing the day to day operations of your facility and you don’t want to waste all of your time with social media.  Instead, create a specific amount of time you can put towards social media.  Whether you want it to be daily or weekly, if you hold yourself accountable to a specific time limit with storage mandurah, you will maximize its effectiveness with your business.

Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Once you have determined how much time you’re willing to spend on social media sites, you will to establish clearly defined goals and how you aim to accomplish them.  Whether its generating leads, increasing your facility’s visibility or simply just establishing yourself as an expert in the industry, you need to have a concise strategy.  This way, you can develop a plan of attack to achieve your goals.  Social media has many fantastic benefits to offer your business.   Remember to start slow and keep your goals in mind.  If you stay committed to achieving your goals, you will take full advantage of everything social media can do for your business.